Fat Cat
1981- Feb 4, 2002
...we could have missed the pain,
but we'd of had to miss the dance...
The biggest big bigger circle runner ever.....
                  Bandit Pinkerton  
                11/09/96 to 06/29/07 

Bandit was not the typical Jack Russell Terrier.  She was 
obedient, sweet, and was the disciplinarian when her sister Nitro & brother Buzz did not listen on many of our hiking trips.   

Her time with us was way too short. 

Bandit is deeply missed her family 
 Matt , Deb, Nitro & Buzz Pinkerton. 

Glen and Judy Churchfield & Gary & Judy Volrath thank you sooo much for that call over 11 years ago trying to convince us that one more Jack Russel is what we needed.  We reluctantly came to your home and picked up the  Buzz.....what a true blessing he has been.  I owe you for the joy he had giving me and the lessons and love he has taught me.  He was indeed my best friend ever.   What a loving easy going soul he was.

Debbie Pinkerton